It’s MPM

Mine Protecting Mine has been a movement for several years. What started off as a dream; has now become a beautiful reality. At first it was just music, and now we have our apparel. We are just beginning, but there is so much in store for the future.

Chaily G

Born in West Baltimore (Poplar Grove area), Chaily G found his love of music in the 2700 block of Mosher St. Chaily learned to play instruments at an early age thanks to his late cousin Purnell. He was influenced by his favorite rapper, snoop dogg, as well as biggie, tupac, and cash money. The turning point was when he heard Master P and No Limit. Then he knew he wanted to rap and start his own brand. At 13 years old, he started freestyling and the rest is history. Today, he is using his talents to write, record, perform, and run the growing brand of Mine Protecting Mine and Dispensary Muzik.

IG - @chailyg

Miles B

Miles B was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Park Heights. His love for rap started in the early and mid 90's. He listened to rappers from the south, as well as east and west coast rappers, but his particular favorite is Nas. This and watching his older cousins record music, influenced him to tap into his talent and start rapping. Today, he uses his talent to write, record, and perform hit after hit.

IG - @milesb_mpm


Rosshead was raised in Woodlawn “The Creek”. While being a rapper is what he loves to do, his original love is football. He has played since the age of 8 for the Woodlawn Falcons. He went onto high school and played for the warriors; then played for the Cheyney Wolves in college. Today, he plays A7FL on the Army Team. He went to college for business administration, but the love of music was calling his name. Growing up, he listened to a lot of Lil Wayne and Jadakiss, but after watching Chaily and Miles, he knew he wanted to be a part of the movement. So he joined in and the MPM brand started to grow. Today he uses his talents to write, record, perform and build his name “Its Rossheaddddddd”.

IG - @tayr111_mpm


Music is many different things for different people. For BAR, it's a way to express himself and tell his life story. He feels he has a story to tell, and he's had a great start so far. With influences like Jadakiss, a rapper from New York and Lil Wayne, from the south, he knew music was the best outlet for his message to be heard. Today, he uses his talent to write, record, and perform his story.

IG - @bz_ross36